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Originally posted by EBOLA

note to canuckman... you post on a chiefs board as a raider fan... we chiefs fans don't have enough of a life, therefore, you have even less of one

-EBOLA-...have a nice day
Hell man..the EX took my life!...along with the car/house/bank account and so on and so forth...hell the bitch is still tryen' to rape me!..Just got a call from my laywer (who I really can't afford but is helping me out of a 25yr family friendship) Seem's there's a court case schedualed for Thursday...gee too bad I didn't know about it.Seems that they only need 4 days notice here now...Rotten fugger!...Would a been MUCHHHHH cheaper to take a hit on the bitch!!
So yeah Ebola,,
I got even less of a life than you
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