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Originally Posted by Exoter175 View Post
My only issue with .300 ultra mag is the cost really, in my opinion there are better calibers out there for the money in terms of ammunition, like a 7MM RUM. But it all boils down to distance. If I've got to take something down at anything past 300 yards, I'd definitely opt for a .300 Ultra Mag over the .30-06 for sure, but I don't do much shooting past 300 yards to be honest.

Someone had some guns listed prior to this point, and I'd advise against the second one posted. You don't want to go hunting with a .223/5.56
Yeah I hear what you're saying, but a lot of my shots have been well over 300 yards and the 300 is flat and has a lot of knock down power when it hits. As far as the cost of ammo heh, one shot one kill.
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