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Man, 2003.
I think that Carl and Uncle Dick both realized what they were doing. The idea was to "win now" and to do that, they had to go the free agent route because they needed experienced veterans.

The problem, of course, was that it meant we wound up with an old team that was ready to retire after the run was over.

I can see why they took that approach, though. The Chiefs hadn't won anything in a long time and the culture needed the shock of actually going all the way ... or close to it, at least. The Chiefs' losing mentality had permeated the entire franchise. Uncle Dick gave us that opportunity.

But they blew it. Even after catching lightning in a bottle with Priest, they still couldn't field a defense worth a damn (as we know) and it created the need to rebuild the roster from scratch. Yet, even that would have been palatable had they actually succeeded in winning the Super Bowl.

But we're now staring down the barrel of another entire decade of rebuild after rebuild (2003 - 2012). Had it not been for that, I could forgive them. After all the sparkle and flash, not only did we receive nothing in return, but it cost us ... an overly high cost, as it turned out.

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