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Why don't you (i.e. The Republican Party) offer something and find out? They offered absolutely NOTHING. They did NOTHING to attract the libertarian base. They preferred to act like we didn't exist/matter. Why should a libertarian/Ron Paul supporter ever consider voting for a Republican again?

What am I willing to compromise on? What are YOU willing to give up?

If Mitt Romney had made the auditing of the Federal Reserve even a discussion, and THEN libertarian/Ron Paul supporters turned their nose up, you'd have some cause for complaint. That's not what happened - we were completely shut out of the party and told that the party didn't need us and that if we weren't voting for Mitt, we were voting for Obama and we're not worth having.

I'd love to know what "we" would have compromised on. It would have been nice to have that discussion when it meant something.
So, you can't think of anything? If Mitt Romney had come out in favor of an audit of the Fed would you have voted for him (all else equal)?
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