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The sad thing about K-state football is..

Once bill snyder retires or has health issues and has to retire (which could come at any time)
The program goes back to being an average team in college football.

I like the cats but the more and more you watch snyder make chicken salad out of chicken @#@# it makes you just appreciate what you have now.

because in the next few years they are going to go back to being an afterthought.

I mean Manhattan Kansas? who wants to live there outside of people that live in Kansas city or in Kansas? Right now more because of snyder but once he is gone the program goes back to mediocrity.

It would be tough for someone to make an argument that he isn't one of the top 10 coaches to ever coach college football. Not wins and losses as much as what he can do with such average talent.

You give this squad to pinkel and you are looking at a .500 team at best

And even if the program is doing well when he retires it will never be a sexy school for kids to go to.

Its good feeling good about k state now but its going to suck in a few years when we are back to the ron prices of the world etc.
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