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Originally Posted by keg in kc View Post
That's making the assumption that he'd have the same stats if he played Kansas State or an equivalent four times. Maryland I'd actually point to as a defining game because he got absolutely pummeled by that defense but still did what he did. Which furthers the point that football is a team game, and that we're talking about Smith in a bubble, like he's somehow solely responsible for his team's performance. When the reality is that he - like every quarterback everywhere - isn't even solely responsible for his performance. So you also have the additional weight of the questions "how much of his off game was him, how much was his (awful) offensive line, how much was his receivers (less I would say) and how much was gameplanning and coaching?" Hell, if we're going to cherry-pick scenarios, we could wonder what the stats would looks like if we shipped Barkley to Morganhole and put Smith in Los Angeles.

Of course we don't get to do that, so we'll never know. Hence the next 5 months.
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