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Originally Posted by Chiefs Pantalones View Post
Are you from Pittsburgh? If so, thank you and I hope we can have the same success as your organization at some point.

If you're not from Pittsburgh, get the **** out of here you bandwagon fan. When we finally win another Super Bowl it'll feel so much better to us being from KC than you bandwagon ****s who count your titles and can't even point to Pittsburgh on a map. You "travel well" is another way of saying "you have a lot of ****tards that jump on your title winning bandwagon."

Merry Christmas bud!!!
Not from Pittsburgh, but not a "Bandwagon" fan either. Been a fan since birth, and starting waving the terrible towel before Ben Roethlisberger was out of High School! Most of the "Bandwagon" fans dropped off the wagon the minute we had a bad season in '09 defending the championship, and very few from the '10 run still hang around today.

It's all about the Giants now! (Until we whipped them)

Take care!
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