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Originally Posted by Detoxing View Post
Mmmm.....Not in my opinion. I think it's a bit different than that. A lot of you know when it comes to this subject, i speak in the defense of a handful that i know. Admittedly, these aren't your typical illegals, and i've told the stories of a few of them to this board already.

One is a very pretty young woman (a bit younger than myself) who has been in this country since she was less than a year old. She is what the DREAM act is built for. Perfect student, model citizen, 100% American in every way but her documentation.

Another is a a young man around my age who is incredibly technically savvy. He was brought here from the Philippines when he was a small boy along with his sister and mother. His mother died, he was put in a group home, where i met him.

I know another young lady whom i havent talked about, and most recently i learned that a 14 y/o boy i know is also Illegal.

The 14 y/o saddens me the most, because if he doesn't get a reasonable pathway to citizenship, his life will basically come to a halt when he turns 18 and graduates HS.

With all that said, when i talk to some of them about Immigration reform, they get defensive. Even though they are well integrated, they get defensive over their family. They feel attacked. They know they aren't wanted here in the only place they know as home, so they already feel threatened and pissed about the subject. So when i start telling them that their parents need to get with the program, they get upset in defense of their parents.

Like I said, their parents are the problem, and I'm not sure that there is a solution that would ever make everyone happy.
That is what I meant but looking back was not all that clear on. The parents are the ones I was speaking of who come from a place where they grow up only having to really accept and learn about one culture. Therefore, when they come here it is difficult for them to assimilate into the new culture without feeling like they are giving up on their own, because as per their past, one culture is all there was in their prior society.
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