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That's a bit over the top.

Do I have a track record of dumbassery?

Based on discussions with my FIL I've been told that raising the rates on top earners is socialism but taking additional revenue from top earners via limiting deductions isn't. I'm not arguing that one should be done over the other. It just seems like everyone is ****ing the same chicken but calling it something different.

Help me to understand the difference.
I apologize for the personal attack.

I guess I just get a little frustrated at the arguments I hear every day from the Left that state a desire to raise taxes on the rich bastards because it's the "fair" thing to do. Many of the people who make that argument don't know and don't care about the impact the tax increase will have on the economy, and they don't know and don't care how much the tax increase will raise revenue, or whether or not it will even raise revenue at all. All they care about is raising taxes on the "rich". A small business that makes over $250K can hardly be considered rich.

I'm not saying you made that argument for the specious reasons listed above. I'm just explaining why I seem to fly off the handle a little too easily when that subject is brought up.

If the Bush tax cuts must be repealed in order to get our economic house in order, then I think they should be repealed for everyone. If everyone shares the pain, they might not be so eager to see tax rates increase.
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