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Originally Posted by BossChief View Post

In 2011, for only 3 games with Kyle Orton as the starter we beat 2 playoff teams and should have won all three games.

I dont think we would have been blown out of any of our games thus far and would be anywhere from 4-5 to 7-2.

Not only that, we would have a young franchise quarterback developing and a very bright future.

Were you insinuating that would only be marginally a better situation?

Oh well, in th grand scheme of things...if we end up drafting Geno Smith we are better off that way.

Geno Smith + Dontari Poe > Ryan Tannehill and Teo.

I think Teo is another Kuechly or Aaron Curry.
Really? You give Orton credit for those wins? It was the defense that allowed us to win. Orton did not do any better than Cassel when it came to putting points on the board and as each week went on we scored progressively less. To give Orton any credit for our defense shutting down the GB offense or that 7-3 shootout against a Tebow led Broncos is the height of foolishness. Orton was good at moving the ball, that is it. He could not punch it in when it mattered, so no we would not be any better off with him at QB.
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