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Originally Posted by BossChief View Post
Pioli is such a dumb**** that he would take Barkley (because he has a higher floor than the other QBs) and he would force him to sit his whole rookie year while Matt Cassel plays...hoping that he could build up some trade value for Matt.

Complete backwards logic, but its what he would do.

The thing that should happen is that they should take Geno Smith and start him game one and cut Cassel unless they can get SOMETHING for him.

If they arent confident in Stanzi, cut him and draft another QB in round 4 and sign a FA that could step in for a couple games if Geno gets dinged up.
This 1st paragraph seems realistic unfortunately. Except cassel doesn't get the whole year, only until the trade deadline or when the kc fightin chiefs are completely eliminated (whichever comes last). Eventually Cassel moves for a 5th and swap of 6ths.
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