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Originally Posted by Cassel's Reckoning View Post
Well, agree to disagree.

Pioli has assembled a HORRENDOUS secondary. Routt sucks. Arenas sucks. Daniels sucks. That shitbird from the opener against ATL sucked. The safeties are invisible, though not Pissabelly terrible. It's a huge bag of shit overall.

The defensive line is average at best. I've lost count of how many times Hali and Houston beat a tackle and watch Rivers step up into a clean pocket. Guys like Bailey, Poe, Jackson and whomever else they stick in there can't rush for shit.

The skill positions on offense SUCK. McCluster has caused two or three interceptions this year and has 0 big plays. Baldwin's a ghost. The running backs lack big play ability. Our tight ends are shit, and Moeaki's blocking is garbage lately. Kevin Boss was the best of them and he's hurt.

Jeff Allen is an abortion of a second round pick who has been flat dominated all year. No depth at center equals Lilja farting out snaps all over the place.

We don't even have a kick returner. We got Shaun Draughn. who might be the worst KR in the league, and Javier Arenas, who will get you 10 yards if you need 20 and 10 yards if you need 5.

It's a shitty ****ing roster propped up only by Herm's guys.

Throw in Casshole, Romeo and Bowe and Charles fumbling here and there, or causing an INT and you get one giant ball of suck.

We need at least 6 new starters next season, plus depth. PERIOD.

Post of the year.
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