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Hah. The fact is that Elway has done a great job running the Broncos. At first we had the Elway-Fox-Xanders Front Office. VP/GM/HC. Elway called Xanders out a bit for not having the personality necessary for the GM spot, but it looked like it was going to be those three guys running things. Then Elway gets comfortable, Xanders is gone. It's Elway running the show. It goes Bowlen (owner) Joe Ellis (Pres) Elway (VP) Fox (HC).

Say what you will about signing Manning. It was Ellis' idea and Elway made it happen. It's not like the idea itself was so brilliant, many teams wanted Manning. The part that pisses off some of you KC fans is that Elway did it. That's not the only off season personnel move that the Broncos pulled off. They've had a couple of good drafts and made solid FA signings.

So...yes. Elway is running a team better than your GM. Bitch and moan all you want. There are a lot of you that look like fools for how much you ragged on him when he took the job. Cry into a tall glass of bitter grape juice. It doesn't matter. He's getting the job done.
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