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Originally Posted by SNR View Post
Easy, champ. Calm down there.

I'm not saying the Elway sucks. I'm just not going to slobber over him for fielding a good team led by, oh, I don't know... PEYTON MANNING.

He gets credit as a front office personnel manager for his playing career and business acumen. The guy clearly said the right words to Manning to get him to sign there, likely referencing his own brilliant playing career to foster that relationship.

We'll see how well his drafts ACTUALLY translate after some more time. Those Chiefs starters we drafted long ago are 1-8 now, but in 2010 they looked just as impressive as Elway's guys do (excluding Von Miller, who is a significant grade above anybody Pioli has drafted). A toxic work environment, shitty coaching staff, and a few slapdicks at QB later, you get the 1-8 product you see before you.

John Fox is no Romeo Crennel, so I'm not saying your team would go 1-8 even if Manning got injured or retired. But you'll excuse me if I don't call Elway a ****ing football personnel genius just yet.
you don't get to discount his two best acquistions when evaqluating him as a GM... you're basically saying he is the same as Pioili if you remove Miller and Manning from the equation, who happen to be arguably offenive and defensive mvps of the league...thats ridiculous...

and just to clarify, its not impressive that elway decided to go after manning, many teams did... the part he gets credit for is convincing him to come to denver over all the other choices, where many thought wasnt a good fit for him...

and a crappy coaching staff and toxic work environment are part of the responsibilities of the GM/VP of Op as well, pioli owns that...i could name other players and coaches elway has brought in but i imagine you are aware of them for the most part...

whether you want to admit it or not, since elway has arrived as the guy in charge things have turned for Denver...

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