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I just started reading this thread and saw this and decided to comment on this.

I worked for IBC-Wonder-Hostess for 3 1/2 years.

Dolly Madison management manage that company to extinction, and went they went out business, thsy sold off some of their operation and product labels to IBC.

IBC, in their infinite wisdom, decided to bring those same dumbasses that managed Dolly Madison into extinction into the business and let them run the bakery and distribution operations.

As a vacation relief driver, I was moved from depot to depot to fill in where needed.

I worked in several locations from LA to Bakersfield and every place in between.

The bakery overbaked so much product that each depot would have in the neighborhood of a hundred grand of product at the end of the week, every week, that never left the depot.

Dumbasses in charge are telling you that it's because of the workers and strikes, but the reality is the dumbasses in charge are responsible for the end of business.
They went through 3 prior bankruptcies and the bakers going on strike for a week is what did them in? I think that's just a little bit hard to believe. And if that is the case, what was going on that a week of not shipping product was enough to totally topple the company?
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