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1. If govt. wants the Post Office to operate in the black they need to privatize the operations portion of the P.O.

2. If the govt. is not concerned with the PO operating in the black they, and we, need to view the PO as an expense and not get up in arms when the bill comes due.

3. If the govt. wants neither of the above they need to shut the PO down or sell it off and let the free market meet the unsatisfied demand.
I agree with all points big time except for point 3. You're basically signaling the end of mail as we know it. We may laugh at how archaic it has become, but it's nobody truly wants to stop getting mail. Nobody in the private sector would ever do this because it's not going to make you any money.

The postal service is a necessary government service. But you're right that it's an absolute embarrassment how much it's being protected from the top down. I love the idea of the private sector managing the operations and closing down brick-and-mortar, instead favoring more of a shared distribution model (like FedEx did by partnering with Kinko's).
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