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Originally Posted by lewdog View Post
Yea, skilled nursing care for geriatric patients. Every one that I know of is open, lovely medicare laws.
Well, that is different. If you are working in an assisted living facility then I think it's more like a hospital setting where it's expected and even required to have around the clock access to care. You are not talking a standard doctors office.

To Deberg's point, I think the difference is police, firefighters, EMT, hospitals, etc. provide LIFE SAVING SERVICES. They are also many times GOVERNMENT workers compensated quite handsomely for their work on holidays.

If you are going to equate buying cheap crap made in third world countries as the same level of importance then this country is even more fugged than I even imagined. And if you are, then why aren't retail workers compensated equivalent to doctors, EMT, firefighters, etc?
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