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Originally Posted by lewdog View Post
I provided therapy, not care which the nurses perform. Yet sadly, I am expected to work even though I was pretty sure I would have these holidays off. Please feel bad for me. Oh wait, pretty happy to have a job and you have to realize you follow the rules unless you are the one making them.
Again, because you work at the facility I think it would be somewhat more expected. Just like the janitorial staff, kitchen and cafeteria, and housekeeping at a hospital might not be saving someone's life but they have to be there to clean up some kid's vomit, feed visitors coming to the hospital, and wash linens and towels. There is an inherent expectation that services provided at the hospital are 24/7/365 and working at the facility you accept that premise.

I think retail is no way equivalent. Unless it's a pharmacy which is now open 24/7/365. I often marvel at how lucky parents are now that they are. I remember many a sleepless night with sick toddlers whose prescriptions could not be filled until morning. And also having to make sure our cabinet was stocked with every conceivable medication in the event one got sick in the middle of the night.
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