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Originally Posted by R8ers View Post
Seriously... Be thankful you have a job and you can feed your family... I am
For the record, I'm working on Black Friday (non-retail) by choice. But if either of my jobs required me to work on Thanksgiving, especially with little previous notice, I'd quit.

Christmas and Easter are not important to me. Birthdays are not that important. Screw Mother's Day and other Hallmark holidays. New Years and the Fourth of July can both take a hike...

there is ONE day that means a shit ton to my family and that is Thanksgiving. We aren't religious people nor are we conspicuous consumers. We are simply people who appreciate the opportunity to take ONE HOLIDAY that means something by it's simplicity and it's gratitude to spend time with each other watching football, eating great food, and being thankful for the many, many blessings we have. Sure, I like to encourage that behavior every day but to have one day where we do it as a family, community, country is truly special.

It's really very sad our country has lost this and what is worse is that, as the generations age, the expectation of it from younger generations will be gone some day as well.
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