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Originally Posted by DaneMcCloud View Post
I ****ing hate Dick Vermeil. He led this franchise on its path to where it is currently.

Instead of drafting Drew Brees, he traded for a fragile Trent Green that lasted only 5 years. Instead of drafting BPA, they constantly reached for players that were busts. Instead of hiring competent defensive coordinators, he hired friends.

The drafts under Vermeil are the exact reason why the Chiefs have issues up and down the roster. He ****ing wasted everyone's time, while earning $4 million a year.

**** him.
JFC some people never give up.

Keep blaming Vermeil's drafts... SEVEN YEARS after he left KC.

Your black power butt buddy Herm nuclear bombed the Chiefs franchise and Fat Scott is pounding the ashes into the ground.
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