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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
It makes absolutely no sense to me to be allowed to play for the NC without winning your conference.

I realize ND is not in a conference, so making it an official NCAA rule would not fly.

ND needs to stop being a ****ing douche and join a conference.
It's a pretty simple concept. It depends whether you think the NC should be played by the best 2 teams in the country or whether it should be the best two teams from different conferences. IMO, the best 2 teams, regardless of conference, should play for the NC.

When 6 of the top-10 teams are from a single conference and no other conference has more than 1 top-10 team, it's a pretty weak statement to claim "WELL WELL WELL YOU DIDN'T EVEN WIN YOUR CONFERENCE! DURRRRRRRR" when the other conferences are MUCH easier to win.
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