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Originally Posted by chiefzilla1501 View Post
This is the same dumb logic that would suggest that the AFC doesn't deserve to be in the Super Bowl because they are playing inferior to the NFC this year. Or the same dumb logic that would suggest that the entire decade from 2000-2010, the Yankees should have played the Red Sox in the world series every year.

The best two teams don't always play in championship games. In college football, there are too few games, and half of those games or more are against shitty competition. The ONLY way to compare two teams is if they are in the same conference. For a sport that already relies too heavily on opinion, why in the world would you take away the only tiebreaker that's truly objective?
It's not an objective tiebreaker when you compare conferences, strength of schedule, quality wins, and compare loss(es).

Originally Posted by mr. tegu View Post
That would mean a team that didn't even finish first in their division plays in the title game.
That's what happened last year.
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