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Even with the system we have now I think more items should be added to the list of things you can't buy... High priced meats, Soda, and brand name anything when a generic is available to start with.
Back home there is a place called Papa Murphy's it sold uncooked pizza. I would stop by there and pick up a pizza from time to time after work. The day the EBT cards got filled it would be packed with people driving nicer vehicles than I drive carrying out 5 or 6 pizzas at a time. I did not know what EBT stood for. There was a huge sign in the window say "we accept EBT" I asked the guy who ran the place what that was. He told me it was the poor card and 90% of his business. It was a real wake up to witness time and time again people in high end vehicles buy a stack of pizzas and pay with a poor card. Anyone who thinks the welfare system is not being abused is not paying attention. I would wager well over half in the system should not be~
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