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One person's terrorist is another's freedom fighter. It's a relative term that the politicians have exploited and now use as a gross generality. For instance Janice Napolitano now considers Americans with Ron Paul bumper stickers, who label themselves as Constitutionalists, or patriots as terrorists. This is anyone who would defy our overlords in DC or who challenge their authority. This word is being abused.

So I object to this idea that one needs a refresher course of American patriotism. If anything people wanting a foreign power off their land resorting to violence in the form of urban guerrilla warfare is exactly what our Founding patriots supported and what this country was founded on.

Yes, certain terrorists are our enemy which is Al Qaeda. I am not interested in starting conventional war for anyone else's terrorists. Just look at what our own govt is doing to its own people today.

Flame away.
Anyone who preys on the innocent and proclaims conversion to their beliefs or we will destroy you is not a freedom fighter~
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