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Ten Things About Today's Game

Ten Things About Today's Game

10. I decided that I would start out this week by saying something nice. One thing you can say about the Chiefs is, they ARE consistent. Today for the first time ever, I wore all black, and only had one Chiefs item on me, an Arrowhead pin on my hat. My opinion of the opening kick off crowd was, about 1/3rd of the stadium wore black, about 1/3rd did not, and about 1/3rd of the stadium was EMPTY. This is the first game this year where the stadium was visibly empty at kickoff instead of after the half. In one of the threads they mentioned a guy in a black "Fire Pioli" T-Shirt. He stood next to me and chatted for a few minutes before kickoff. When Pioli cleared the field, he yelled at him. He didn't get 'kicked out" of our section. He was standing where season ticket holders sit, and the people who owned those seats showed up about two minutes after the opening kick. So he had to move out. That happens all the time with people who come down front that don't have tickets. Nobody was nasty to him, and there was no incident with any of the green shirted security wanks. He delivered his message effectively. I heard stories about people having "Fire Pioli" signs taken from them by stadium security wanks, but didn't see that personally.

9. There were a lot of service people in the crowd today and they were well represented and treated respectfully by the Chiefs game management people. National Anthem was nice, had some Warthogs fly over, Mizzou Band doing military music at half, guy at half sang "God Bless America." It was all very nice for the service people. Besides that, the rest of the day was a giant snooze and more of the same that we've seen at home this season. The Chiefs have been total dog shit at home. The two best games they played this year, both OT games, one won, one lost, were both on the road. The whole bragging rights about "Loudest Stadium in the NFL" BS should be changed to "The Top Tourist Destination in the NFL." Visiting teams LOVE Arrowhead. We haven't won at home since the Green Bay game last year. Every team has come in here and all but one -Baltimore- totally beat our ass. Baltimore didn't really beat us that day, Matt Casshole beat us that day by fumbling a snap on the one yard line. Actually, this whole season has been shit since Hali got suspended for the home opener. That set the tone for "player accountability" under this coaching staff.

8. This team is a photocopy of the Chiefs back around 1984. They have no offensive diversity. The are dismal in the red zone. They settle for field goals. In the first quarter, no score, the second time KC gets the ball, they drive. On 3rd and 5, Casshole throws an out pass to McMidget for four yards. Typical, a four yard route when they need five yards. They don't even consider going for it. They kick the FG. They kick another FG on the last play of the half. They give up four TDs. You're not going to beat anybody scoring six points. This is why Nick Lowrey had big stats as a Chief in his career. Because for ten years, the Chiefs settled for three instead of six, and lost over and over and over again. If anything, Cincy looked like the team playing with nothing to lose. They went on fourth down, they threw long repeatedly. They faked a punt. They knew once they got a lead their defense would throttle KC. They coasted the whole fourth quarter. They could beat KC easy, and they knew it. Marvin Lewis eased up in the fourth quarter, that's for sure.

7. I haven't been able to watch the whole game yet. Players were dropping like flies, especially on offense. Bowe did nothing today, they took his helmet in the first half, I guess he's the next guy with a "mystery concussion." Then Albert went out with some kind of hip or thigh problem. Then Moeacki came out after a hard hit across the middle. I also noticed a bunch of guys on the sidelines wearing Chiefs jerseys this week I've never heard of. Mail it in time has officially arrived. These guys will be playing for the name across their backs instead of the logo on their helmet the rest of this season. It's pure garbage time from here on out.

6. Casshole or Quinn doesn't matter. They're the same guy. Casshole was 8-16 for 93 yards. Quinn was 9-14 for 95 yards. Neither guy led a touchdown drive. Charles has 87 yards, but KC gave up 101 to Ben-Jarvis-Green-Ellis-Shook-Hardy-Bacon-Thompson-Edelman. Cincy's best receiver Green has 91 yards and a TD. Bowe had zero catches for zero yards. In the second half Chiefs put Wylie in, but he alligator armed the only ball he could have caught. Moeaki has a decent day, but not nearly enough to make any difference. Brian Daboll looks like Charlie Brown with an Abe Lincoln beard. I never thought anybody could make me pine for Bill Muir, but this guy is a clueless piece of crap. He called six straight plays in the second quarter that did not gain a single yard. And they ran and passed in both of those series. That's hard to do. He may be the worst OC in Chiefs history.

5. There is still no ramifications for screwing up on this team. Hillis fumbled, few plays later he's back in the game. Cassel is totally ineffective in the first quarter. He fumbles, but Chiefs land on it. He's allowed to play out the first half before a change is made. Breaston dropped another pass today. He's left in until the game is out of control, then we have Wylie and Copper playing wide out in the fourth quarter. Draughn had three penalties against him on special teams, for the same offense all three times, but he was left on special teams and not benched. There's no punishment, it's just allowed to happen. It's embarrassing, and the detachment and apathy of the coaching staff under Romeo is just baffling. Nobody, players or coaches, literally give a flying flip.

4. There seemed to be no offensive game plan or coherent offensive strategy whatsoever. We run Charles off tackle, until the opposition figures that out. Then we throw four yard passes, until that gets stopped; or run Hillis until he fumbles. This is perhaps the worst offensive Chiefs team ever, even worse than those led by Tyler Thigpen or Tyler Palko. God, that's hard to believe, but its true. At the end of the game today, people were cheering for Colquitt and chanting his name. You know things are bad when your team's most popular player is the punter. He got plenty of work today, as Cincy forced seven punts.

3. The sideline demeanor pissed me off today as well. With about nine minutes left in the fourth quarter, Cincy scored their last TD. From that point forward, it looked like BOTH TEAMS were just trying to burn clock to get the game over. The players on the Chiefs sideline -Brown, Siler, Jones, Gafford, Hartman in street clothes, were yukking it up, and certainly didn't seem too worked up about losing. They seem to have just accepted their fate, and look for a major mail in over the last six games. This team, frankly, no longer tries or cares to try. The checks will cash. Vacations will be taken, and they'll wait to see who's the new boss.

2. Clark Hunt was down on the field before the game started. He went up and gave Romeo a pat, shook hands with a bunch of the players, then disappeared. He stayed down on the field much longer than Pioli did. He doesn't tip his hand. He wears dark sunglasses, and he hangs out with the other suits on the sideline. He's usually part of an entourage of suited business weasel types. So he didn't seem to act any different this week than usual. He didn't go out of his way to talk to any fans. He talked to a couple of military guys, but that was it. I'm not sure if he gets it, or cares to get it. He's introverted, and not prone to public shows of emotion.

1. Tyson Jackson got a "sack" today. Actually, Hali chased Dalton out of the pocket, who just happened to run into Jackson and fall down. At the end of the game today I caught a glove from Dontari Poe. Looks like this:

I noticed on the "official NFL glove" in the lower right hand corner it says "super bad." This must be standard Chiefs issue for 2012, and nothing could be closer to the truth. Next week the stadium will be 1/3rd empty seats, 1/3rd Donk fans, and 1/3rd pissed off Chiefs fans. I expect more of the same or worse, and we've never played well against Peyton Manning. The Chiefs are nothing, if not consistent.

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