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I didn't need any time to get up the courage. I had the courage from the beginning. I could have said anything I wanted at that point but didn't because you didn't deserve a response and a great many people agreed.

I needed the time because I walked away from the computer and went outside to build some fence. Don't get too many 60-degree days in November around here.

Let me ask you a serious question: what in the world is your point?

His mother TOLD HIM she was being abused. What AT ALL does MY definition of abuse have to do with anything? Perhaps if you explain your motivation for wanting to know, it would help the situation.

As it is, I - and about a dozen other people - see your question as typical DC-style "turn it on the victim" deflection.
What does this have to do with politics and why do you keep mentioning that?

The point was that "abuse" hadn't been defined at all up to that point other than the fact that it was verbal. You placed A LOT of emphasis on the word ABUSE when you responded to my first post, so I wondered what you thought it meant. Maybe you realized that you didn't have a clue what his mother meant at that point or maybe you didn't, but whatever the case, our dialogue went downhill from there as a result of your insecurities.

I wonder what sportsshrink (or any other psychologist) would think about your need to repeatedly refer to all of these people who supposedly agree with you or your references to me being a DC poster. It's kind of weird behavior, IMO.
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