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Quick update:

So I stick to my guns. She says she understands about my principles. Then she texts me that the BF is really hurting over this. I tell her that I don't intend to "hurt" him, but that his actions have consequences and time, therapy, and not apologies are what it will take with me. Today she basically tells me to **** off and she and the BF need time and not to call her for "a while". Wow. Sad.
Sorry bud. It's tough. But ignore the "don't call me for a while" crap. She's hurt and she wants you to hurt as much as she does. Pretty typical of a woman who isn't getting her way and I mean that with all due respect to your mother and females who may read this. There's a lot of human nature in this scenario and it takes logic and analysis to overcome it. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of logic and analysis occurring when emotions are running high. Make sure you take time to call her at least once a week despite her demands. She'll come around. I hope he legitimately gets the help he needs or gets the hook.
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