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all true, but the odds are stacked against ANY individual drafted QB. There are more Ryan Leafs, David Carrs, and Joey Harringtons than there are Peyton Mannings.
Uh, not any more.

College QB's are more prepared, more criticized and more scouted than at any time in NFL history. Just look at Andrew Luck, RGIII and Tannehill this season, not to mention Russell Wilson.

Barkley and Smith most likely will not have Hall of Fame careers but due to the importance of the QB position, they'll go in the Top Three, if not Top Two. But with that said, I don't think you'll find anyone expecting either player have stellar NFL careers, unlike last year's Top Two.

Originally Posted by Chris Meck View Post
Which, let me be very clear, cannot drive the team away from attempting to get one of these franchise QB's. You MUST have one.
At this point, most NFL fans understand that a Franchise QB is necessary to win big in the league. The Chiefs must draft either Smith or Barkley but unlike RGIII and Luck in 2012, there are no safe bets 2013.

It wouldn't be a shock to have even more questions about the two, especially Barkley, after the Combines in February.
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