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Originally Posted by Phobia View Post
I don't think I've ever agreed with Denise almost universally in a thread in the *gasp* 15-20 years I've known her. When did she get smart?
Thanks Phil, maybe your reading comprehension improved.

Unfortunately my opinion on this issue has been acquired the old fashioned way, through experience.

I think the Mother was looking either to be rescued by her son or to have someone else to vilify instead of the BF. Maybe she didn't even know which she wanted. Either way, she put Tooge in a no win situation of which he needs to stay clear. He shouldn't be the one demanding the BF get counseling or go to AA. That is for his mother to demand and stick to. If neither the BF or the Mom are ready for that step, which it sounds like they are not, then Tooge becomes the villain and bad guy here. Don't allow the BF, or your Mother, off the hook that easy. Ultimately, she is choosing to allow herself to be mistreated IN HER OWN HOUSE.
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