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Originally Posted by mcan View Post
You explain to your own kids that this is not appropriate behavior, and you tell your mom that you are leaving and would like for her to come with you. She will, of course, and that relationship will be over. As it probably should already be. But it won't end because of your own stubborn 'tough love' principles. And even if it did, is that really why you want your mom to end a relationship? Because you forced her to, or never see you again? Make no mistake, you are the one handing down the ultimatums.
I guess we will have to agree to disagree here.....a simple Mr. Rogers explanation that "this behavior isn't acceptable" won't cut it. When your kids see Grandma being bounced around verbally or physically it still will have an effect on them. I prefer not to have my kids in a volatile environment which is my job as a Father/protector.

And just to take it to the dark side....what happens if Mr. Fiance decides to take on Tooge and his kids are there to witness their dad getting beat on. While I am pretty sure that Tooge can take care of himself, what happens if Mr Fiance decides that Mr Ballbat or Mr Golf Club can make the score a little more even.

Abuser don't care if the playing field is equal....all they care about is being on top.
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