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Originally Posted by Saul Too View Post
I'm not proposing that. Your "don't say it here if you wouldn't say it in public" rule of thumb doesn't exactly stand up to even the most basic level of scrutiny.

I really don't give a shit either way. I just think it's funny that you're so bad at articulating standards. That's not meant to be a swipe at you (or maybe just one that's so soft that it couldn't possibly matter). It's really not your strong suit, though, and I find it entertaining.
Well, herein lies the confusion. The rule of thumb doesn't have anything to do with "in public" and it's not a standard or even in our FAQ. It's a general guideline under which you'll have virtually zero problems here if you follow it.

The guideline is, "If you can't stand on top of a table at a bar and say it, then don't say it here". My challenge to use vailpass's statement on the street doesn't have anything to do with this guideline. I don't think a smart person is going to call a Latino "greaseball" on the street.

The problem here is that you are scrutinizing a rule that doesn't actually exist. It's just something that has been said for 12 years on this site to simplify things. Most people just nod in agreement and understand. It's only the obtuse idiots who debate politics every day who try to over-analyze a general rule of thumb.
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