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That's sad, all of those years together. Here is the story of a little old lady that lived by us.

I took care of the yard and some house maintenance for her after we bought our house. She was 80 at the time with little family since she never married. She had owned the house for 50 years and it was rough inside and out. But it was her house and she was proud of it, didn't ask for anybody's help by way of money but was always willing to pay. The first 8 years I lived here, I accepted no money for anything, mowing, minor repairs, etc. I was taught to help the elderly, they help build this great nation we live in.

Then one day my leaf blower stopped working, finally gave out and died. I went to the local Stihl shop here and bought a new one. She seen I had a new one and every time I would do something, she offered to pay.

This time, I said yes, basically because I just spent $ 120.00 to buy myself a new leaf blower. She carefully folded the money up for me to not see the amount. I took it and put it in my pocket as to not look like I wanted to see the amount. I got home, pulled it out and it was $ 100.00. I immediately went back over telling her that she had to of made a mistake on the amount thinking it was a $ 10.00.

She told me No, I knew how much it was and this is the 1st time you took money from me and I want you to have it. You just bought a new machine to do my yard and I Thank You for it.She never let me go again without paying.

When the day came the Social Workers came calling to check up on her, she let them in. But it was the last time they came in, she wouldn't answer the door, only allowing me to talk to them. She wouldn't let the police in, it was her home and they were not welcomed. This went on for another year and finally, one day she never answered the door. Her niece came and asked me to go to the door with her, yet no answer. I had to break a window to let my daughter in, opened the door and found her dead in bed. She had died in her sleep, the way she wanted to in her home that she treasured. She was 92, had taken care of herself her whole life, had saved up thousand of dollars in a bank account, stocks & bonds.

I lived next door to this little old lady for 12 years, the grand kids got attached to her, as she did them. I was asked to be a pall bearer at her funeral and got a little surprise. Each time I had mowed her yard or done something the first 8 years, she took the money and stuck it in a coffee can with a lid. It had my name marked on it so when her niece found it, she brought it to me. There was a note in it that said Please give this to Roy when I die. It had a Thank You note in it for being a friend and allowing me to live my life, my way. The can had $ 850.00 in it, I never took it. I told her to take it and use it on the funeral, flowers, anything to give this woman a funeral going out with a bang!

I can tell you first hand, somebody living in their home until they die is a serious thing. Their pride and freedom is a valued treasure to them.
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