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Originally Posted by Mr. Flopnuts View Post
If anyone felt that way besides you, and maybe Pat, I may consider stepping down. Forgive me if I disregard the opinion of a Jets fan that used to be the coolest rival fan on this board, but somehow turned into an insufferable prick. What happened anyway? Lose your job? Catch your wife ****ing a black man? I don't get it dude. Really. None of us do. We've talked about it. That's how much we used to like you...
See? this is why you are an awful Mod. you have thin skin and are taking it personally. you cant moderate a political board, you cant. keep trying, and I will continue to watch you fail.

And dude, Ive never been banned from this site. its too bad you cant say the same thing. this isnt personal, you astarted the thread. if you dont want to hear the truth ignore the forum.
Originally Posted by JD10367 View Post
Welcome to being the only person on my Ignore list.

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