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Originally Posted by Mr. Flopnuts View Post
It was an honest question. Seriously. You're not even the first person in this thread to say something negative to me about my moderation. I can handle it. Really. You always come to this card, but you're mistaken in thinking I have thin skin. I can't be trolled on the internet, and I don't let my emotions take over contrary to what you may believe. Your buddy SHTSPRYR being back here after I promised to ban every one of his mults should tell you that.

The fact is, you've changed. Like it or not, maybe you're the one having a hard time hearing the truth. I wasn't lying. There have been conversations about your change in demeanor, and attitude. What's wrong bro? You need a hug?
I always come to this card? WTF are you talking about? Ive hardly been on here. IDGAF what SHTSPRAYER does, even I said many of times the past two years that the dude has lost his marbles, but hes always mentioned as if hes my life long friend or some shit (Hilarious)

You and Gonzo are the only two new mods butt hurt by my criticism that I know about. Bwana is cool and so is Phobia (even though I admit to abusing Phobia a

You need to learn how to moderate dude. making threads like these in a political forum is just asking for a beating.

BTW, I am doing great, thanks for asking! I just miss the way this place used to be
Originally Posted by JD10367 View Post
Welcome to being the only person on my Ignore list.

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