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Originally Posted by Mr. Flopnuts View Post
Oh, well good. Glad to hear everything is going well. Yeah, I don't care about your criticism, if I think you have something valuable to add, I'll be happy to store it away in my mod brain. Racism is NOT acceptable. That's all anything I've ever done in this forum has come down too, and if you think racism isn't evident in some of the posts in this forum you're blind, dumb, or racist as I said before.

Thanks for your input. Hope things get back to the way they were soon so everyone will have rainbows and unicorns coming out of their asses. Because DC was always about that before I became a mod.

P.S - More black and hispanic people post in this forum now since I'm here to white knight them. (That was kind of racist)
So is this going to be renamed the low income forum now? lol just kidding!

I haven't been reading DC lately so I dont know whats been going on. but I was drawn \to this thread.

I love you Flopnuts! come here and give Griswald a big hug!
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Welcome to being the only person on my Ignore list.

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