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Any politician who votes for or advocates raising the tax on gasoline has no credibly when it comes to talking about supporting the middle class, or any class below it. A tax on gas is direct shot to the gut, as the middle and lower classes are the ones using their cars to work their two to three jobs to make ends meet. A tax on gas also raises the cost of food, and pretty much anything that is transported via truck in this country.

If Obama truly cared about the middle class as he claims, this would not be on the table. The fact that it is not a non-starter with the Republicans shows that they don't give a crap about the middle class either.
As long as we're going to fund our highways through a gas tax, the gas tax ought to be high enough to either provide that funding or discourage the driving that creates the wear and tear. I dont know if the current rate of taxation does that or not, but the article suggests that it doesn't.

I don't generally like targeted taxes like this, but taxing consumption is a lot better for our future economy than taxing production, IMO, and if there's one area of consumption that's been subsidized in a non-transparent way over the past few decades, it's petroleum products (via our big security investments made to keep oil flowing globally).
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