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Apples and Oranges. Strawman argument.

Luck played where Luck played.

Should Geno have transfered to Stanford or USC (two of the last vestiges of a "pro style set" in college football)?

It is what it is, and I'm just letting you know that Smith has reps, a full season of starting and putting up excellent numbers, in a true pro style set. He's got the accuracy, the pocket presence, perfect release, great arm, great velocity to all points on the field, etc.

You are making the argument for Luck last season with the exact same attributes that make Geno an excellent QB prospect this season. He's putting up near identical numbers with a substantially lesser supporting cast.

Geno Smith, at least in my opinion, is as good a QB prospect as I've seen outside of a guy named Luck in the past 10/15 years. And he's not as far away from Luck as you are envisioning. They've got a lot of the same tools and qualities.
Wrong. RgIII was as good of a prospect as Luck.

Don't make yourself foolish by acting like what Geno did as a sophomore even remotely compares to what Luck did as a senior. And you're saying geno could have easily done what luck has done is ridiculous. You are wildly assuming geno could have beaten a guy who was off the charts on football iq. A football iq that has been unmatched by any qb prospect in years upon years.

I like geno better than cam, Bradford, jamarcus, even stafford. But please don't overinflate the hype machine by comparing him to luck and rgIII.
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