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Originally Posted by Huffmeister View Post
How did they change the disguise system? That's always been a key part of the Hitman games.
Now when you take a disguise, everyone else wearing that outfit scrutinizes you. The problem is that their range of detecting you as a fraud is far too large.

In reality, it makes sense. If I steal a cop's outfit and try to blend in with a handful of cops, they might see through me. But what happens in the game is that you're often in large crowds, or far away from anyone that could see through your disguise, yet you're attracting their attention.

I don't mind that they made it more realistic and more difficult to use, but don't give the ai a hive mind and a sixth sense to see through my disguise. They went too far in one direction.

EDIT: I should point out that it doesn't ruin the game, it just makes sections unnecessarily frustrating due to forcing trial and error gameplay.

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