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By now we have all learned that Romney supporters are more "dependent on government" than Obama supporters are. We've all absorbed the statistics that have shed light on the fact that its the Blue states that support the Red states through federal taxes. And within states, its the Blue counties that support the Red counties. And within counties, its the Blue districts that support the Red districts. The group most "dependent on government" are older folks, and they went heavily for Romney. Yet Red folks continue to pretend that it is they who are being forced to support us. We Blue folks give to Red folks freely, of our own volition, through our elected representatives. (Thank you! .....You're welcome ). Thats just the way it is - and such truth is available to anyone who believes in simple arithmatic. Its a routine fact as easily understandable as polling data, unemployment statistics, evolution & climate change. Its simply the real world that you stand in right now. Look around you - its really there. And as righties search for "takers" that are "dependent on government," they need look no further than the nearest mirror.
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