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Originally Posted by DomCasual View Post
Sorry. This was the strangest Chiefs-Broncos game that I can remember. It felt hollow. Even though it was a reasonably close game, I felt none of the passion and hatred I usually feel.

Still, I felt I should post.

You, um, camaro-driving, sister-loving inbreds are fans of the worst team in football!

I bet you won't win another game this year.

Sorry, that's all I got. I bet I have you all worked into a frenzy, right?

Seriously, I don't feel any of that towards you. Honestly, I hope you win every game, from here on out, but the last one. You guys deserve it!
It works both ways. I too did not feel the hate I usually do for the Cheating Donx. The game just didn't matter at all. I had been so looking forard to HATING Denver the way I did in the Elway days - but I learned something and that is that just having another HOF PUSSY QB to HATE / KILL doesn't do it for me unless my Chiefs are also good so that the game actually matters. Anyway - I still wish you guys the worst possible luck the rest of the way and I hope the TEXANS kick your asses again, only I'm sure I wont enjoy it as much as I used to when the Chiefs were good.
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