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Frank White set the standard for how 2nd Base was played....and what William said is right about the Official Scorers. Frank had a right to bitch because the plays he made the bobble's on 99% of the other IF's never had a dream of coming close to making.

People forget that Frank was robbed of a Golden Glove when they gave it to the Orioles
2nd Basemen who had double the number of errors with almost the same number of chances. I never blamed Frank for being pissed about that one.

I honestly don't blame him for having a bit of a chip on his shoulder....and quite frankly (no pun intended) that is what probably drove him to be so damn good.

I am also in the camp that I wouldn't want Frank to take the job managing the Royals because they don't deserve him.

To me...when they talk Royals I think Brett first, then White and Otis. Those were the guys who truly exemplified what was Royals baseball when we all loved it. Amos Otis hit one of the most mammoth HR's I have ever seen hit the flag pole in dead center field and was still on the rise.

I know guys loved Hal McRae....but honestly the chip on his shoulder made Frank White's look like a speck of sawdust.
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