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boar sausage

You nasty bastards clicking on this thread.

Went out to turn the cows out after morning milking and when I get back there the boar is in the dry lot fighting with the bull. Kids are with me so I tell the oldest to get a bucket of feed.
While she's doin this I separate the boar and bull from the cows up onto the side lot next to the hog pen. These mother****ers are fighting fellas. 1600 pound jersey bull vs 500 pounds of full tusk black hog.
Get the bull cut out pretty quick, go to close the gate and bam he gets me. I whack him with my sorting stick and he charges. Up on the rail fence I go.
Mean time the oldest gets back with the feed. I tell her to go grab the shovel and toss it over the fence. In the barn and back over the fence and time to smack a pig.
Off the fence to the shovel rare back touch my heels and blamo.
****ed stands there and looks at me. Grab the bucket of feed slop it and open the gate.
Here he comes. I come all the way back around on him half circle like and he just stand there for a minute. I smack the shovel on the ground and it bust in half.
He take a few step towards me and wheels around walks toward the feed and gilts gets rightfully up to the gate entrance and stops. Hit em right in the balls with the handle.
Same hog cut my step son open a few weeks back and ended up with 14 stiches.
I wanna shoot him in the face and grind his bones.
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