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So again we're back to Dexter getting 80 touches a year.

From a guy who has 0 big plays this year. And is LUCKY to record a 10-yard catch. TEN YARDS?!?!? TEN YARDS?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

If he consistently gets us 60-80 touches per year and 5-700 yards...its not a TERRIBLE pick, but that doesn't mean its a good one, either.

He is a versatile player that will create advantageous matchups once we get an OC in here that has a clue how to design an offense in todays NFL.

I never thought Daboll was gonna be any good, but I didn't think he would be flat out terrible, either. The playcalling and talent we have at QB are destroying the ability these players have to be successful.

If you ever watched college ball when Dexter was there, you would know that the guy can be very productive when he is used the right way.

He was one of the top playmakers in college football and did so in the toughest conference there is.
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