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Originally Posted by Saul Good View Post
Do you acknowledge the fact that conference championships aren't designed to pick the best team in the conference over the full season of work?

They do not take into account out of conference play. You are advocating a system that literally disregards up to a third of a season. Should the NFL just ignore the results of the ten non-divisional games each season and just put the teams who won the most games within their division into the playoffs?
It also doesn't take into account the imbalance of conference schedules.

Florida this year had to play LSU and Texas A&M from the West.

South Carolina played LSU and Arkansas.

Georgia played Ole Miss & Auburn.

If South Carolina had beaten LSU, a team Georgia didn't have to play, there would have been a 3-way tie in the East and Florida would be in the SECCG.

It's not as simple as people want it to be with 1 team from each division and resulting in 1 team from 1 conference.
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