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Originally Posted by eazyb81 View Post
Congrats to the Mildcats for making the BCS. You guys got screwed last year so nice to see Old Balls force the issue this season.

OU vs. A&M in the Cotton is going to be a great matchup.

How pissed are FSU fans? They had to play a poor 6-6 Ga Tech team in the ACC championship, and their reward for winning is the right to play a poor Northern Illinois team in the Orange Bowl. I bet ticket sales will be amazing for that thrilling matchup...

Not many interesting matchups this year and a ton of crap teams playing bowl games. I hope the playoff and selection committee beginning in 2014 will finally start matching the best teams up against each other.
Thanks. I think.

Looking back I think kstater c@p'd a post from tigerboard in late August or early September that read:
"We (MU) would flat own this conference"
if they hadn't moved to the SEC. At least you'll get to share in Alabama's victory.
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