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Originally Posted by GloryDayz View Post
OK, so explain the years and years and years of very loud crowds and encouragement and they still shit the bed? Were they just trying to piss us off?

They dug deep yesterday, that's all. I'll say that positive encouragement can help, but it's not the only thing... Did the Giants need extra encouragement to come in and beat up after 9/11? Or was our "filling the boot" too much of a distraction from our cheering to will them into a win?

There weren't any Boo's because A) there weren't as many calls for them, and B) it wasn't a good day for it.

Don't make this more than it is.

I don't think you can simply disregard the fact that the boos not being there and the team knowing they are not going to be subjected to derision is unimportant. Like I pointed out earlier, their worst effort in the last four game was against the Bengals.
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