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Originally Posted by |Zach| View Post
The Chiefs have had supportive crowds since the early 90's. It has only gotten us a few playoff wins...and none in how many years?

I support the change in status quo.

The powers that be needed to know that they can't get endless money and support and do nothing with it.

We have held up our end of the bargain for years.

I do too, Zach. In no way is my observation that the team played better under no pressure of experiencing the vitriol they've seen is in no way arguing to keep the status quo. It's simply saying that we've hit bottom and things are going to turn around. We can start supporting the turn around now or wait until changes are made. Either way, the support needs to happen. And I feel that this team has earned a reprieve from the hate for the rest of the season.

I'm not like Keitzman right now who is saying he thinks Crennel and Pioli saved their asses for next year and that it trumps Clark Hunt's hand in firing them. I think all of them will see that the best possible scenario FOR ALL INVOVLVED is for them to move on in a different direction.
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