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I mentioned earlier, i feel like theres a missing scene of Daryl getting captured.....did i miss something?
I think you were supposed to conclude that when he stayed to provide covering fire for everyone to jump the bus, he had stayed back to try to talk to Merle, as he had suggested earlier, thinking he could "talk to him" b/c he's his brother. While he was sneaking around, and Merle was speaking with the Governor, the other lacky's captured him. Thinking he could talk it out, he told them he was Merle's brother, so they went to the governor with it.

The Governor already questioned Merle's loyalty when he knew his brother was involved, add to that he found out Michonne was still alive, he did him in. Sold it to the crowd as though they had been betrayed, so the crowd wouldn't question Merle's disappearance and help the crowd feel safer in that this wouldn't have happened had it not been for Merle's betrayal.

Sorry, hard to put thoughts together comprehensively when you can only see a small portion of the text on a cell phone. Wordy and spacey, I know.
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