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Last night's episode was a ****ing goofy mess.

Abu Nazir, the equivalent of Osama Bin Laden, casually strolls into a 7-11 shortly before singlehandedly wrecking and kidnapping Carrie, who is busy listening to her shitty jazz. Dana and her mopey ass make an appearance in time for the shitty hit-and-run with Finn subplot to pop up again. Nazir then Skypes Brody, who only goes down the hall to scream Nazir's name repeatedly. Brody then does a followup to the classic "dig through a guy's room and get the object in the nick of time" by grabbing a novelty size magnifying glass and getting the serial number to Walden's pacemaker. Nazir then has the pacemaker hacked (which is weirdly the most realistic thing to happen in this episode). Carrie is let free, only to disboey orders for the 20th time, grabbing a pipe to take on Nazir. End episode.

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