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We don't hang out much but I agree you're living the dream roughly 4 days a year or so. The other 361 days I'm living the dream. Unless you have 4 or 5 regular chicks who love you unconditionally and are willing to bear your children and still love you for all your stupid faults, I think I win. But you likely prioritize differently so, whatever. It takes all kinds. I don't dislike gay people, Dave.
You chose to build a second family and god bless you you seem to be happier than any other time I have known you. That is a decision I would never make however. IF my marriage didn't work for any reason I would never get married again as I wouldn't rebuild. I am putting everything into this one kid and that's it for me. On that note our marriage is very successful and seems to just get better with time which is more than I can say for just about any of the marriages around us. Codependency seems to be everywhere. I have no interest in living out my days in that enviroment.
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